We Learn From Our Kids

Finally done my make over, what do you think guys? I may have few changes along the way but i am happy with the result of my template --P.S if you want make over please contact me.

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Anyway, My Son turn four (4) yesterday and it's so amazing kids now a days know what they want...a few days before he's birthday my husband and i ask him of what he wants he says he wants batman the one he saw in Nickelodeon and i thought that he might only say it only that day because just seen the ads the next day, we ask him again but still he stuck with what he wants...anyways, my husband bought the batman hotwheels exactly the one that he like and i wrapped it yesterday after he un-wrapped the presents he say's oh! this what i said i wants and he was so thankful and played it for very long time.

it's amazing how this age shows their wants and how they stick to it, if i will compare my self to my son i can't say what i want, my husband asked me if what i want on my birthday and i just said what ever you want to give me is fine so i got nothing lol! ooh! life is funny sometime -- i think it's true that we learn from our kids as they learn from us and as much as i enjoy my every minute with my kids, i think i will grab every opportunity to learn from them aswell because it's great and worth to take.

What about you? what is your experiences with your kids that teach you in the process aswell?


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