Most Successful Day on Entrecard

I would like to thank everyone who are dropping their card here at clickdtalk, especially to Software Outsourcing. I have a very successful day on entrecard, it's my first 530 cards drop in my site and i hope it will continue...obviously i can't reciprocate everyone but guaranteed to drop to those who are constantly dropping here in my site.

I just want to take this opportunity aswell to thank my top droppers for dropping my blog for the month of August...thank you are all great and part of this successful day of clickdtalk. All your time and effort is highly appreciated.

Dropper # of drops
Turnip of Power 31
The Traveling Pants 31
Merydith's Place 31
What about Brazil? 31
Is a mans world 31
On The Bricks 31
joanjoyce 31
Acakadut 31


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