Do you enjoy doing it yourself?

Mum at home are very known of DIY, we tend to do everything ourselves, maybe that is why we develop or new skills or shall i call a discover new skills either way it doesn't matter.

But...this question is for everyone not just for the Mum there are Single Men and Women, Husbands that are DIY and actually loving it.
I was talking to one Mum in my sons kindergarten the other day and the usual topic for mums you know cooking, kids etc...and we tackle about DIY. We laugh about what we have achieved we DIY most of the job at home because everything is getting too expensive now a day's.

My friend Helen she's learning raising bee and she got a few jars of honey out from her bee's, she even give me one jar. Yesterday she was about to go out and look for what she can make as a house for the bee because it's already winter here in New Zealand and bee's are getting sick -- she reckon she can find something that she can build all by herself as a house for her bee. She loves doing it all by herself and i am so amaze of how she made it work. She don't have any idea about bee she just saw a bee on her tree and from then on she study about them.

She confess that she made a lot of mistake but the most rewarding of DIY is that she learned...something that no one can take it out from here.

So i ask what is your DIY experience? Do you enjoy DIY?

As for me, i enjoy doing it all by myself....i am not scared to make mistake because the more i practice the more i learn and become more wiser.


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